Team Racing Endurance Challenge (TREC)


The Team Racing Endurance Challenge (TREC) is a new NASA enduro series that focuses on fun and lots of track time — and you don’t need a competition license to be part of the action. The TREC series offers affordable racing with a low barrier to entry and a class structure that encourages competitors to “run what they brung” instead of the alternative, which is typically perceived as a never-ending escalation of modifications required to be competitive.

Anyone with a driver’s license can participate in a TREC race. Minors who race with NASA are also eligible to participate. Cars are classed using a combination of time brackets and base classing listed in the TREC rules, and all vehicles compete on tires marked with treadwear 180 or higher by the manufacturer. This new series is a definite departure from the typical NASA competition event with a heavy emphasis on fun above all else.

The TREC series structure will provide a place for any build at or below a power to weight ratio of 10:1 WT/HP to be competitive regardless of driver skill or build level using our unique classing structure. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure their entered vehicle is at or below the 10:1 WT/HP ratio. This will permit the series to focus on the fun competitive atmosphere the series is intended for.

Latest News

2502, 2019

2020 NASA TREC Season Schedule

Track Name Date Length Registration Link Roebling Road Raceway 1/17/20 2 hr. https://www.nasaproracing.com/events/3201 Willow Springs 2/29/20 2.5 hr.+2.5 hr. https://www.nasaproracing.com/events/3249 Virginia International Raceway 3/27/20 [...]